Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Couldn't Pass These Up....

Okay, so yesterday my daughter had an away basketball game. When the games are away, I usually leave a bit early and I stop at a favorite shop (or two) that I don't get too all that often. Yesterday was Michael's and Marshall's. Well, I didn't see anything I "had to have" at Michael's so onto Marshall's I went. I always scan the clearanced area of the home section before I leave the store. So I'm looking and not really seeing anything. I look down on the bottom shelf and there are these really ugly fur covered bean bags AND....

these really cool stacking baskets....hidden, it appeared. Possibly by someone that couldn't make up their mind at the time and thought they would come back for them! Well, they are not going to be there....they are at my house now! Ha, ha....I just love it when I find stuff like this!

This one was $4.00....originally $9.99!

This one was $5.00....originally $14.99!

This one was $8.00....originally $19.99!
The cool thing is I remembered seeing them, I thought, in
Country Sampler magazine! You probably have too!
So when I finally got home I immediately got out a few of my
magazines and sure enough, there they were. Only there are
4 baskets and I only found 3! :( But that's okay, because....

If I were to get these, I would have to pay $67.99 plus S & H!
But, I only paid $18.02 with tax....
and saved, from the original prices marked $27.97!
Not bad for a quick stop at Marshall's!


  1. What a bargain. Great baskets. 3 is better than 0 right?!

  2. Incredible deal. you have a good memory, too! I love them!


  3. What a deal! Just love when that happens. Share pics when they find a home. Have a great day, Dawn

  4. What a great find, Lisa! They are really nice :)

  5. You found a great bargain. I know that I can never have enough baskets. Actually, finding only 3 was very lucky for you. In design, groups of 3 create a more interesting arrangement than groups of 4. It's one of the little tips I have followed. So ... when and where is the next away game? Who knows what you might find!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Excellent find! Perfect for your decor, too!

  7. Don'tcha just love Marshall's? What a great find.

    Warm blessings,


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