Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cherished Ornaments....

Do you have those cherished ornaments that go on your tree every year?
We do and I thought I would share just few today!

This is where it all started....
Our First Ornament as a married couple!

This little baby in the basket is our
firstborn daughter Amanda's.
Given to us, for her, by her Great Grandma.

These porcelain shoes, were given to us for our second born daughter
Hillary, by her grandparents. I am always extremely careful which branch
these go on because they are on the heavy side....and very fragile!
And this little ornament, was purchased by me for our
third...and final daughter Mallory. The first year the moon and the star
glowed, but it is almost 15 yrs old now, so not so much anymore.
But we still cherish it!

We have had this Angel on every tree since the first year, in our first Home, with our first born daughter. Two years ago our tree fell over and you cannot see, but the top of her head is missing a piece. We crazy glued her back together and she still watches over our tree....right where she belongs!

This large piece of candy was made by our youngest in first grade I believe.

Santa and Mrs. Claus hung on our tree for as long as I can remember
growing up. Now I have them and they are on my tree every year!

I remember my mom taking us to get an ornament every year.
This lollipop is still with me and has the original tag on it.
In very small writing it says....
Mr. Christmas 1968....I am dating myself there, oh well!
This is a tradition I try and do every year with our girls!

And this ice cream cone is another I picked out, no tag
but I would guess the same. And the candy cane was another I grew up with
on our tree as kids.

This is our memory ornament for Great Grandma.
She is the only Great our girls have every met and they are the only Great Grandkids
she every had. This is a cherished ornament, because it keeps her
memory alive. She loved her granddaughter's!

And one last thing I started just a few years ago. I don't know if any of you do this, but I enjoy putting some of my favorite cards in my tree randomly. It always adds a bit of Homeyness to the tree and then another memory is made!

Thank you for stopping by today!
I hope your Holiday decorating is going well. I would love to see and hear about some of your favorite ornaments on your tree!


  1. Thanks for sharing your ornaments. I too have special ones, and I just might have to share those. ; )

  2. Your tree is lovely. It's great that you have your childhood ornaments on it too. We will go up in the woods next week and cut down our tree. My kids love the whole ritual of it. Have a nice weekend!

  3. How wonderful to have some of the Christmas ornaments from your childhood! What beautiful treasures and great memories! Thanks for sharing! (I'm now following your blog! Please come visit!) Warm wishes, Coralie


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