Friday, November 13, 2009

A Much Needed ME Day....

I have not been able to get out and shop and browse and just do what I have wanted to do for a couple of weeks now. So I had the opportunity yesterday to do just that. After informing my 9th grader that I was going into the "big" city and making sure she DID NOT need to be picked up for any reason BEFORE the H.S. play was over later that night.....I headed out. Only to get a text message about 8 minutes out of town that she forgot her notebook for her class and now.....pleeeezzzeee!!!! So of course, I had to turn around and drive back home then drive to the H.S. and deliver her notebook. But after that, the day was mine!

My first stop was Marshall's. With intentions just to get my "fix" and look and think about what possibly I might "need". Of course there's nothing I NEED, but I always seem to find something.

And this is what I found. I only paid $3.99 for it and there was only one.

So, it is my version of this ....

I LOVE this platter and have admired it EVERY time I see it on someone's blog.

But for now I will have to enjoy my plate. I hope to find a "cloche" of sorts for the top of it. I think it would compliment it nicely!

I also bought these 3 Marshalls and all for less then $5.00 a piece!

I LOVE Serendipity!

Then of course what would a day out be without stopping at
Bath and Body Works?

Gotta have my candle fix!

These are yummy candles!

I also bought some new flannel PJ's.
I LOVE my flannels!

When I arrived home this was waiting for me.
There's nothing like a new magazine waiting in the mailbox.
Gotta LOVE that!

What a GREAT ME Day!


  1. It sounds like you had a very nice day indeed!
    I love your place...and a cloche would be great with it!
    I too love a new magazine arriving in the mail. And then sitting down in a nice cozy chair with a warm cup of cocoa, curled up with no interuption...screetch....That never happens in my home. But it is a nice thought!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like here Lisa! Is your daughter in theater? My high schooler is too! They are working on the Music Man right now and I had one of those, "Mom, I forgot my script...and I'll need it this afternoon." LOl So, when you go into the Big Town...which one is it? Curious if it's near me. I'm needing one of those days too. I love getting magazines in my mail. I sit right down with a hot cuppa something when they arrive. Maybe I'll get my BHG hasn't appeared yet. Love your blog...must get to work on mine. I get so caught up reading other's that I use my "free" time up before I ever post on mine!

  3. My kids were forever forgetting things too and back up to school I had to go..looks like you got some really good deals and nice things. I bet that B&B smells great too!

  4. wow what a coincidence I am working on a tablescape with those dishes, I added some cows and pig dishes to them and am doing a breakfast posting for Tablescape Thursday...Love those dishes, I added touches of red, hope you like it...I am a new follower, come for a visit...I'll be back, loved visiting

  5. I love Marshall's and TJ Maxx! Last time we went we bought a dog cookbook....don't know that I'll be cooking for my dogs anytime soon, but just couldn't pass it up!

  6. I am so glad you had some time to yourself. We all need that. No one to rush you through the store and you can stand in front of the item you are looking at to purchase for long as you want and just dream of where it would look just right. Yep! we all need that.
    Enjoy your day,


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