Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She's 21 yrs Old Today....

Amanda Renee
Born July 21, 1988
7 lbs 11 oz

~Our first born~

You've always been a GREAT big sister right from the start!
~the day Hillary was born~
~You were so excited to have a baby sister!~

And when Mallory was born....
you couldn't wait to hold her!
You were her little mother....
and a big help to me!

You've always been there for them....
whether it's been for support....

or just to have fun!
~Is she telling us you can't sing?~

You are a great role model and we all L O V E you
~yes, your sisters too!~

You've always been one for adventure....
Remember Marengo Cave?
~Jacob where are you?~

and fun....
~See we made it up the side of that mountain!~
Even though you did have a blanket over your head!

Dad and I let you climb up on the table for your
1st Birthday....
and you really got into that piece of cake!

We're just hoping you don't plan on doing it for your
21st Birthday....
~afterall your sisters are watching you!~

Always remember how much we love you
and how so very proud we are of you!
This a BIG year for you and it is so fun watching
you mature and turn into the responsible person you are!
I can't believe you're already
Make the most of this once in a lifetime day
turning 21....
July 21, 2009!


  1. What lovely daughters you have! Happy birthday to them both.

  2. Happy legal birthday ... you have beautiful daughters. Enjoy the day. ... TTFN~Marydon

  3. Happy Birthday to your cute little girl... well 21 isnt little, but arent they always little to us?!
    Hope her day is wonderful :)

  4. Hi there...I am trying desperately to do some visiting...and since you are at the very top of my favorites list I dropped in for a second!
    WHAT a gorgeous baby! Just beautiful. But than your entire is!

  5. You are really having the birthdays at your house! This sweetie is as cute as the last! What beautiful family.

  6. Happy birthday to both of your girls! They are beautiful, Dawn

  7. Happy Birthday to your two beautiful July babies! My daughter turned 32 on July 11th. Such a wonderful month.
    Enjoy your day of celebration.

  8. Another birthday girl! Happy Birthday!! She is just as beautiful as the rest of you Gals!

  9. What a beautiful post! It touched me in many ways. It's always wonderful to visit your blog.


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