Friday, July 24, 2009


in our yard!
I am not the most experimental person
when it comes to my camera.
I pretty much just aim and shoot hoping the pictures turn out.
But I decided the other night to play with it a bit and put it on the
nighttime setting and my husband and I walked around the yard
with a glass of wine....and my camera.

This is what I saw!

This light post is actually an original gas lantern.
It is of course turned off, but according to Brad could be
reconnected if we choose and replaced the filament,
I think he called it. But, not wanting to take any chances, I put
a battery operated candle in it instead.
It looks fine from a distance!

This is our backyard deck looking into our kitchen.

My Cherub Statue with fuchsia basket.

We purchased two of these ornaments at Walmart.
The other one is on the opposite side of this area.

These lanterns were also purchased at Walmart.
They have replaced my hanging baskets.
I purchased railing planters which are below them.
At the time I had no flowers in them so that is why
I didn't take a picture. But this is the porch we are working on, so
watch for pictures at a later date!

Years ago I took a stained glass class. This is what I made.
I just stuck it up in the window and with the lamp under it, it gives
a pretty little view, I think!

This is peeking into our Dining Room. Photo from an earlier post picture not taken by me!

This is just alittle night shot from across my front yard to
the side entrance of our Home.

I liked the way the light was glowing!
Thanks for touring my yard at night with me!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. So pretty! I love looking at evening shots.

  2. I was going to do t his the other night & DH said 'not enough light' so I didn't ... now I am going to do it after all. Hmmmm! I usually never listen ... TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Lisa the pictures of your home and yard at night are so lovely!! I love looking in peoples windows, thanks for letting us peek into yours!!

  4. Oh dear! You are such an enabler! :) I love peeking at homes in the evening and how cozy everything looks! As though there were not a care in the world. I loved your pictures and what a great idea! Your home is VERY beautiful!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog. You are always such a joy.

  5. I love homes lit up at night, it makes them "come to life". Not to mention when you go for walks, you can peak as your walking past at your neighbors home, and see if they are tidy or not.. HA, HA! Although I have never done that, never! ; )


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