Wednesday, July 8, 2009


in our yard!

For about the past week we have been busy on the last "major" part of Home that needs to be finished....on the outside. We are very excited about this and I can't wait until it is completed so I can show the progress pictures.

It has been a long time coming!

But in the meantime, we took a little break last night and walked around the yard to see how our gardens are looking without the usual attention that they would normally get. I thought I would share our Lillies, hope you enjoy these photos.

To us they are beautiful!

Just your average roadside lily!

....but still beautiful!

~this one is double petaled~

This one is very fragrant and seems to last longer then the others.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit, hope you enjoyed our Lilies!


  1. Such a nice variety of lilies you have! I have the generic everyday day lilies, but I love those all the same. Now I must consider looking for a little more variety.

  2. I just love flowers and pictures of flowers. Thanks for sharing. The lilies are beautiful!

  3. do lillies only bloom once? I have some and they nevery bloom again in the season.


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