Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guys Like To Thrift Too....

only they say....
"found" it on craigslist!
The following are his purchases just this summer.

WARNING: Do Not show your husbands or we may start a New Trend!

This was his first purchase (a snowblower) and he paid only $45....
Please ignore the surrounding picture as we are
renovating a Home that was built in 1879!

Thank you! :0)

Then of course we needed this to power wash the pool
so we could paint it. Like new only $150!
It was needed, as our local rental place went out of business!

This was actually something I wanted to buy him for
Father's Day!
But had to take daughter to oral surgeon that day
and missed out on that deal.
This was actually a Better edger and $50 less
then I was going to pay for the one
I found. The guy wanted $60....he paid $50!
Not bad honey!

And this is what he came home with tonight from work.
He needs it to haul away all this stuff that he has created with his edger.

Have fun honey....

YOU deserve all of it!


  1. Men and their toys, gotta love 'em!!! I try and put it in perspective, we women usually have the WHOLE house to do and decorate as we please, so if the husband wants a couple new toys then yes, he does deserve them!

  2. I have to say, all those purchases were great deals! I'd say you will definitely need that snow blower in Michigan.

  3. My husband thrifts for exactly the same kind of stuff. We have our $25 snowblower (then we sold our old one for $50) and our $40 like new lawnmower (and gave up the lawn care service).


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