Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Estate Sale....

My husband and I got up to go to the "Rock" yard this morning, (project to be seen at a later date), then we stopped at our local coffee shop and purchased coffee's. We started on our way and immediately saw an Estate Sale of course I just had to have him pull over. Apparently it was being held by the granddaughter's of this elderly couple, needless to say I believe I came away with some great finds once again!

This picture is quite large and was only $5.00. My husband even commented on what the story is behind the picture. Did the couple buy it at the local dime store years ago for just a small amount of money, was it a gift?, did the wife just fall in love with this picture and had to have it, so the husband purchased it for his dear wife?.....
Do you ever wonder what the story is behind something you purchase?

Then I came upon this sweet calendar towel and the "granddaughter" said to me they found it up in a box when they were going thru things, still folded and in perfect condition.

As you can see it is dated 1963 (the year I was born)
and it has this sweet little saying.
You know I had to have this!

I also found these lovely vintage scarves. I thought I would tie this fun green one on my yellow purse. And this brown one is sooo soft and silky with roses, it's quite lovely!

This apron was also a purchase, modeled by my lovely Hillary,
along with the dish towel, another vintage find!

Then I came upon this sweet crochet edged white pillow case,
it may even be called tatted (sp?), almost pristine white.
I couldn't leave that now could I!

Along with these delicate hand embroidered tea napkins and one very delicate yellow napkin/doily. I see myself using these when friends or sisters are over for ice tea or coffee and homemade bread. The time taken to make these things must have been cherished moments. Maybe she was a busy mom herself and this was her time to herself.
What story these things could tell!
All of the linens were purchased for $1.00!!

Then my husband who was outside in the garage found a bag full of tools and wanted to show me something in the garage. I found this mailbox for .25 cents (I'll show you what this will be later in a post). The we continued on to our original destination the "Rock" yard and purchased what we needed for that project and when we got back home my husband, who loves to cook, made me this fabulous lunch while I took pictures for this blog.
I love this man!

~Panini Sandwich's~

He has the same, but obviously didn't want to share his, ha,ha,ha!
What a fun Saturday we spent together, both doing something we love!
How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. You did good girl. What great finds. I just love the colors in those old prints and yours is quite beautiful. Good job.

  2. You found some really great things!! I think I would have bought the painting and all the linens myself~we have the same taste. The cloth calendar is special, isn't it? It's almost like a link between you and the woman!

    I am so curious about what you will do with the mailbox... I am always amazed when bloggers find something and turn it into something marvelous... my mind does not always think that way. Your "rock" expedition has me curious too!!


  3. You had a good day Lisa, and a great ending to your shopping with a delicious sandwich!! Everything looks great, I love a good estate sale! I went to my favorite fleamarket but bought nothing, came home to do yard work and it started raining, so my day has been a lazy one! Have a good weekend! Sue

  4. We did the same thing...I think a lot of us spent Saturday digging for treasure! It was a wonderful day for us and a pancake breakfast topped it am hanging by my thumbnails waiting to see what you do with the old mailbox! :)

  5. Love your site...I have a little gift for you at my site.

  6. I always wonder about the stories behind the vintage items I buy and use. I think the potential stories, the time taken to make something by hand, and the love behind it, is why I love old things to begin with!

    Lovely finds...

  7. I tried to post from work the other day with no success. Love all your finds....I think the brown silk scarf needs to go to Loosey Lu to wear....she would look adorable in it :)

  8. The vintage picture is simply wonderful, and I would have snagged it up too! It was fun strolling about your home, inside and out. Thanks for sharing!


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