Monday, June 8, 2009

Perfect Purple....





The center of the Daisy is purple!


Not certain

~but it's purple~

Do you have The Color Purple in your garden?


  1. Those daisies with the purple center are great! I don't have purple this year, I chose red instead, but I use purple more often than any other. I have some puple wild flowers that grow nearby that I use in my blogs occasionally. Did a mosaic for Mosaic Monday a couple of weeks ago with them. Have a great day and great week!

  2. I just put in some purple petunia's today...They are so pretty..and blue ones..

  3. I can see you are a purple person! Your garden looks beautiful, but I have to say that pansies are my personal favorite!

  4. Love the Violets! Thanks for the pix. Beautiful!

  5. I believe the UPF (unidentified purple flower) is a spiderwort. Beautiful pictures of your flowers!
    Thanks for sharing.


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