Monday, April 20, 2009

We Had A Gorgeous Weekend....

Our temps were around 76 degrees, the sun was shining which definitely put us in the mood for yard work. My husband and youngest daughter raked out quite a few of our flower beds and bagged the debris. While I cleaned out my bird feeders and refilled with fresh food. We also got out the topper for our gazebo and put that up. Then I brought out a few of the chairs and cushions to give us a nice place to relax and admire all the hard work we accomplished. We went to the store and purchased the much needed fertilizer for the lawn and I picked up a little pot of pansies. Eventually, I will re pot them into a more attractive pot....but for now I just needed the pop of color to remind me that, yes, warmer weather is finally here. Well, that was Saturday....

Sunday it started raining and cooling down temp wise. Now it's Monday and I still have my pansies for my promise of warmer weather, but it is only 47 degrees and they said that dreaded
S word for tomorrow morning! Needless to say, maybe we jumped the gun this year! In fact I know we did, but things will dry out and warm up and the S word isn't "supposed" to stick around, just make it's presence. After all, I do live in Michigan and if you stick around for 5 minutes the weather changes! Hope you all had wonderful weekends and were able to get outside and enjoy the promise of warmer weather in your yards!


  1. Great Photo! We had summer this weekend too! I think the whole US is ready for some good weather. laurie

  2. So glad to got to get ouside and enjoy the those flowers but ohhh I adore that old dishpan you have them in...reminds me of the one my grandmother had on the backporch for us to wash out hands in....thanks for coming by and I hope your weather continues to warm up!

  3. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  4. I can totally relate to the changing weather in your area. It was 70 here this weekend (love it!), but today the "S" word did rear its head for a short time with highs in the low 40s. Nice weather is on the way for this weekend though. Here's wishing us both consistent beautiful weather so we can get outside and enjoy ourselves! :) Amy


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