Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Love Bargains....

and you won't believe the prices!
We went on alittle "Day Trip" to a town a few hours from where
we live. Stopping by little shops of interest to us as we went.
We were in this quaint little town with beautiful older homes
and historic buildings downtown. That's where I came across
alittle shop called "Sarah's Attic", with a combo old time Pharmacy
in it as well. I was sooo excited when we walked in the door!
Of course they had an Easter display on the table right inside the door
and that's where my fun started....

(keep in mind, everything is full size~not miniatures, except the prices)

These carrots are made out of canvas that have been stained to look like
rusty carrots, with a bit of green moss and metal stems....
15 cents each!
Okay, now hold on because I could hardly control myself....
these 3 rabbits are made of metal....
$1.50 each....
they were the last 3 and they were in the window display and I couldn't
get to them because there were boxes of stuff piled in front. I "made" the worker
move those boxes and get those rabbits for me! If she wouldn't have done it, I
swear I was going to climb over those boxes and get them myself....
or send my husband, LOL!

This is a cute little wooden bunny with a "springy" neck and a metal carrot on him
75 cents....

This cute little metal house can be hung or as I have it, it stands alone
Can you believe these prices?? I will definitely keep this shop on my
list of "favorite" places....
There was sooo much more, for other holidays....
gives me a reason to go back!

Then we went to a Borders Outlet store and I found this great
browsing book....
Don't ya just love books like this?

With great pictures and ideas to look at....

new ways to use an old ladder....

the little plates hanging have crocheted aprons attached to them....
and of course at the back of the book are all the how to's....
love that! And stuff to "copy" out of the book
like these labels to mark your cannisters in your pantry....
and I only paid....$2.99!!
It was a Lovely day!


  1. Your finds are adorable, and I can't believe the prices! Neat post!

  2. Cool beans! Jelly beans that is! Love the sweet face on that wooden bunny. And, love a bargain even more! Gosh, now the "bargains" I thought I got yesterday are expensive in comparison! LOL

  3. Amy,

    Your got some awesome deals! I love the carrots.


  4. Congrats on your great finds! Don't you love finding a sale like that!! I love the letters you did. I bought ones that say "ART" and have started to cover them in scrapbook paper too. Now you need to make one more word to go under your "Let's Eat"...and that is "Pie"!!
    Happy Easter Blessings~LillySue

  5. Ohmygosh, you really scored! Don't you just love it when you can spend pennies and bring home bags and bags! On those days my cheeks are stuck in a perpetual smile!

  6. You found a great place to shop. I can't believe those prices.


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