Monday, April 6, 2009

A Borrowed Idea....

I have seen blogs with these letters spelling different things.
While I was at Michael's one day I came across them and they
were clearanced for 99 cents each. So I bought several and started
with these 3 simple letters in my kitchen...

I purchased some scrapbook paper at a local shop, and painted the
edges of each letter black. I traced the letter out on the paper, cut it
and then spray glued each letter and wa~laa....
Let's EAT!!!

I like the way they turned out....
Thank You bloggers for sharing all your great ideas!


  1. That is so cute! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. Those are precious! I love them!

  3. The letters turned out great! I saw them too, before they were marked down. I just don't have any wall space in my kitchen and my imagination just won't cooperate lately!! It will probably kick in right when Michael's discontinues them! LOL!

    Have a great week Lisa.


  4. Oh those look really good, Lisa. I like that you mixed up the paper on each one of them too.

  5. I never thought of using paper like that! Very clever. They look great that way. May have to lock that idea away for the future!
    Just today I was in Pier 1 looking at signs. Two that caught my eye (not because of their color or price, that's for sure!) said, "Eat" and "Drink." I laughed and told my daughter that's all we needed in our kitchen!

  6. I love your choice of decorative papers. Typography is such a bold way of decorating. Great punch!

  7. I love did a great job. I need some of that spray stuff!

  8. That's really cute. I haven't seen that idea before. I love your paint color.


  9. You are good!!! They are sooo cute, I have never seen them like that before, good job!!

  10. What a cute idea!! Iam all about altering home decor with scraps and blog abou them often!! I love the EAT letters and may try some for my own kitchen!! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. A wonderful job on your letters!. I was just looking at the letters the other day at Beverly's Fabric. I think you have inspired me to make a few myself. I hope they turn out as well as yours did.
    Have a very Happy Easter,

  12. These are adorable!! I love your blog and will be a subscriber!! I think you have cute ideas!


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