Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Had A Date Night....

We don't get to do that very often anymore! So when we do, this
is one of the places we enjoy going and have a fun time while there.

It's one of those
~throw your peanuts shells on the floor ~kind of places.
But we usually try to be neat and keep them in the little basket.

It's the place my husband can unwind after a long week at work and
enjoy a Big Daddy size beer....I caught him off guard with this picture!
We both had the Patty Melt with swiss cheese and grilled onions
on rye. He had seasoned fries and I had....

5 of the BIGGEST ONION RINGS I have ever seen....
and they were so good with a seasoned dipping sauce. I had to share I couldn't eat them all! This place has some of the neatest signs and you all know I love my signs!! I think people thought we were alittle odd taking pictures....but Oh Well, we had FUN!! Some are alittle blurry, but you get the idea!

It's hard to take a picture pointed up over peoples heads
Ha, Ha, Ha

This bus sign was at the end of our booth....
so cool

And on the way out of course we had to use the....
necessary rooms! Now would you think I was weird if
you saw me taking a picture standing in the doorway of
the ladies room of this sign???

Or what if you were a man and you walked in the mens room
and saw another guy taking a picture in there....LOL, yep
my hubby played along with me and took this picture.
We both laughed and hurried out!

We enjoyed ourselves and isn't that what
a date night is all about?
How do you enjoy your date nights??
If, you can talk about them please do!!


  1. So glad you got a night out with hubby. It was so wierd when our kids got old enough to leave alone at home. They thought it was such a big deal for us to go out and leave them home with no sitter, heehe! We have a place like that in Bend, called "Kayo's Road House". They have the same type of signs all over and you get to throw the peanut shells on the floor, which I love to do because it makes me feel kinda naughty! Don't you just L*O*V*E onion rings like that!! Especially with the fun dipping sauce, YUMMMMMmmmmm!! Hope you are getting some sun....It looks like rain here, but I am going to put up some new wallies I got in my kitchen. I am trying to spread sunshine inside!
    Blessings- LillySue

  2. What a fun date night and the food looks delicious. I love onion rings!

  3. Look at you two. Date nights are much needed. So, I'm glad you got to have one with your sweetie. Hope you are having a good weekend!

  4. Don't you just love those special places you find . . . yours looks really neat!

  5. What fun to have a date night, I can all most taste those onion rings, I hope you guys had a fun time for two.

  6. Nothing better than a date with your honey, good for you, glad you had a good time!!!

  7. What a fun night out with hubby!! I love to go on date nights too. Do you have a special night set aside? I know some people can do that but my hubby works different shifts each week and would make it hard to set up a specific night. But we usually go to a nice place where we can actually hear one another and eat some GOOD food where you can sit down and be waited on and relax. LOL My girls always want to go with us if they don't have something going on and Daddy always says yes to them. They have him wrapped around their little fingers. :)

    Hugs & Blessings,


  8. What a nice date night! The restaurant looked so cozy and favorite kind of place. Were those onion rings big or what? I bet they were yummy too. Hubby and I also always enjoy going out to eat on our date nights. Seafood is my fav! Amy :)

  9. Good to know that couples are still having date nights! I love onion rings and those looked delicious.

  10. That sounds like the perfect date night! Good food, a relaxing restaurant and each other! Those onion rings looked awesome!

  11. Oh so glad you had such a lovely time..the onion rings look delicious. Cute place.
    Sorry to be slow in getting around to much going on at my cottage right now.
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo bj


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