Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Raining Again....

So, I think today will be a good day to make a fire in the fireplace
and enjoy my new book. I might even have to make myself
my favorite warm beverage too! What a great way to spend a
rainy, damp Sunday! How are you spending your day today?


  1. I love rainy days more than anything in the world! We, out here in West Texas, so so need rain. I have a book, just ready and waiting for that first rainy day!!
    I am spending most of my day at a baby shower for my granddaughter and the FIRST of our GREAT granddaughters, due to arrive in April...yipee...

  2. We have another inch of snow here as of last night, so I WON"T be climbing on the roof to remove the Christmas lights. I think we will snuggle under a cozy blankey and watch "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King". That Viggo Mortenson warms me up!!
    Blessings- LillySue

  3. Sounds very relaxing and cozy! Spring has arrived here, so I've been cleaning up the gardens.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. I can really relate to the older home and having daughters since I have both. :)

    Ya'll must be getting the rain that we had too. It started off cool, windy and raining but has turned out to be a very nice day. Here in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri it has been warmer these past few days but that wind has howled and been chilly. I have had a lazy Sunday just watching some tv and enjoying the kids and hubby being home. We had our nice Sunday dinner and then relaxed.

    So glad I found your blog and look forward to many more posts. :)

    Hugs & Blessings,


  5. Sounds like a peaceful day.We had church and ate all day ad spent time in the yard visitng and drinking coffee.


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