Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's all I've got....

I'm a little off today on what to post about!
You see, I have been without my van for well over a week. So I have had no
transportation to go shopping, thrifting, or anything else. The place that had our van forgot to order the part (the computer module went out on it) and when I called last week to see if it was done yet....that is when they discovered they didn't order the part. Well, it finally was ready yesterday late afternoon! SO, today I will be going and doing some shopping and looking around at some of the shops I enjoy. But, I thought I would show these little ceramic balls I found at Hobby Lobby (my DH took us out last Sat. for a bit) for 80% off, they were only 29 cents each! I think my DD spelled out Hit Pig with why would she want to hit a pig??? Ha, ha!

See I've got nothin'!!


  1. Hi Lisa! I was almost without a car today but I made teenage son share with me. That was not popular. :)

    I have admired those little alphabet balls in an expensive store...then saw them at HL too. I think they are neat!

  2. LOL...It's funny when you have a car you really don't realize how much you will miss it if it is not there!

    Cute piggy picture!

  3. Honey, it wouldn't matter what you posted I would still come visit. It may sound nuts,but when I come here the first thing I see is your picture with that beautiful smile. it always lights me up.I love your blog and thanks for you sweet comments on my wreath.

  4. Oh you poor thing. I would be crazy by now. love the letter balls.

  5. I love the pig in his little Wellies!

    How cute :)

  6. oh, I just love your blog and it looks so pretty!! love the colors ,

    I know its awful to be with out a car,

  7. I've gotta have that pig. My second favorite place to shop, Hobby Lobbby. I would like to invite you to join me for Project Friday. I can you are very talented and would add greatly to our group. Hugs, Rosemarie

  8. I finally got you added to my blog roll!

  9. Hi Lisa...I went to Hobby Lobby last weekend and saw the great SALE....80% off on a lot of home decorations...SO EXCITING! I also got some of thier painted Easter Decorations for 50% off...woohooo!

  10. What adorable photos!! Loosey Lu is adorable too. :) Have a wonderful weekend.


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