Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome To My Home....

Spring Fever is starting to hit me!
We have had alot of sunny days here lately and
it has made me want to get my home decorating
spruced up a bit. As you probably know, with the sun
comes the dust that has collected over the winter months.
So there has been lots to do!

My mom gave me this basket and it had some
forgotten hankies in it. I probably should have pressed
the doily I have on it, but it still looks okay.
My husband and I went to an Estate sale last weekend and I bought
this candle holder for $2.00. They said their grandmother got in it Mexico,
they also said there was a story and then they kind of giggled....
I wonder what that is? I don't quite remember where I bought this
Bunny on the huge egg being pulled by a chick....but, I thought it was cute!

Visiting all the beautiful homes thru blogging, I have gotten
inspired to change up a few areas in my home. Don't you find sometimes
that you get so used to the way things are, that they stay that way longer then
they should sometimes? I do! But, I am changing! Here is one area....
I used to keep this desk closed, no chair by it and no lamp
and the upper area had this on it....

Now there is nothing really wrong with it, but it has been there for uhmm....8 years!Like I said, sometimes things need a change and for me this was it. Please don't look at the dust....afterall, it has been there for 8 years!

Now I have a Victorian picture, a basket of curly willow twigs from my yard
and my "fake" Beehives. The candle you see next to the Beehives is sitting
on an antique solid wood bedriser. It is really cool, but there is only one!
And the floral picture next to it I had to have my husband re-hang it.
The picture we had there before hung too high, so when I tried to move it,
it left a hole from the hanger in the wall. I fixed it by using some
pretty green ribbon and an antique iron rose medallion as a picture hanger.
I think it makes it really stand out!
Thanks for taking the time to see what I have been up to!
What rooms in your home are you sprucing up?


  1. Good morning, Lisa...Oh, me, too!! I am so ready to start SPRING decorating...put away all my warm throws and rugs and look for some sparkle and bling to add here and there. Some new tassels, spring throw pillows....ummm. Sounds fun. But for now...I GOTTA GET ALL THAT DUST CLEANED OUT...finish painting a room and get the things all put back in place.
    Never, EVER enuf time to do all I want....
    hugs, bj

  2. I love what things you have done to your house. I am like you...spring comes and I start cleaning things up and moving things around. It is a lot of fun isn't it? You have inspired me to do a little "froofing" around my house today. Spring is just around the corner...even if it is 15 below here this morning! Amy :)

  3. Hi Lisa
    Thanks for stopping by! I think all of us who love our homes get that urge in the spring. I see you have a big old house with high ceilings. It looks beautiful! That is a gorgeous desk.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  4. I love your home and style. I will be collecting all the things to make that center piece. it is large and may take sometime. I have to get to work on a spring wreath today. If it turns out hehe i'll show it.

  5. I have always wanted a secretary like that! I love that you are leaving it open now.

  6. I had a wonderful time browsing through your blog. Just lovely. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I look forward to visits to and from.

  7. Hi Lisa!

    Love your post!..Your home looks so warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing and stop by my blog and visit sometime!


  8. Very pretty Lisa,,,love the RED you got going there..and girl I tell peeps its my antique dust..They can write on it so long as they don't date it ha ha!! thanks for coming by...Yes I am late for Blue Monday...but hey thats my life any more..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. This is fab, Love that you open the doors on your secretary. wonderful blog! Blessings Regina

  10. Love the red walls.....just what red paint is that? We are thinking of painting our den "cabin red".

  11. What a beautiful room. Love that old secretary!


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