Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun....

and can you guess where we're at???
That's right Steak & Shake....
or is it
Steak n' Shake?

(I guess it's Steak 'n Shake)

Dee & Mallory
are thinking Amanda is alittle weird
because she brought her newest shipment
of her BE makeup actually in with her
to show us! I thought she was too!
but, shhhh don't tell her that!
The two little girls at the table next to us kept
looking at her....you could tell they wanted to
see what she had going on!

Dee & Mal just sipping away waiting for our food.
Then we all went to the mall for alittle bit of


  1. Sounds like a fun girl time! I think Houston is about to get a Steak n' Shake...I'm excited because I've heard they are good.

    PS: Liked you pantry re-do on the post below...great job.

  2. I bet all the girls were drooling. I know I would be. Looks like fun.

  3. Yes I just love their little feet. I have no idea why,but they are so sweet.


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