Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yep, I live in MI....

Yesterday, was such a beautiful sunny day! I even washed my van!
We even made it to 60 degrees.....

Today, RAIN ....
Tomorrow....they say Snow! :(


  1. Please send some of that rain out my way...we had a couple of days worth, but thats not enough for us folks out here in California.

  2. Hi, Lisa, thanks for stopping by to see me. Hope you'll come back often.

  3. I was drawn to your blog because I love the name you've chosen. My place is also a "cottage" to me. It's the feeling we like to create isn't it? From what I see - you are doing a great job! So good to meet you!

  4. Lisa, Glad you had such a nice day.. I live in Ohio, yesterday it got up to 67 sunny, rain, right now it's 36..
    Spring is coming (someday)..
    Blessings ~Mary~

  5. Hi Lisa...I live in Indiana and like you, we've had weather in the 60's; yesterday was the wind warning, had 60+mph winds - eeek! Today a high of 36, chance of snow later tonight. Sigh.....please, Springtime, hurry up!

  6. That's some CRAZY weather. I just got back from Huntington, WV and one day it was cold, the next day spring-like. We saw a TINY bit of snow but it exciting to me...but lasted only untikl Noon and the sun melted it all away. Sure am glad i got up early THAT day!


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