Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Has Arrived Again....

When we woke up this morning,
we could see the pavement of the road.
A half hour later we saw this....

Did I mention the weather changes here quite often?
So, I got out one of the Cinnamon Coffee Cake mixes
and brewed a fresh pot of coffee. I thought it might be
a nice start to our morning!

there really is nothing like something baking in the oven!
Then I decided to brave the elements and go outside and get my mail....
it arrived early today. Must be because of the weather!

My new and last issue of Country Home
was in the mailbox.
Along with the letter above explaining what they will do.
(I just signed up for B H & Gardens last week)

I think I will have another cup of coffee....
maybe a piece of coffee cake, and enjoy my favorite magazine!
Has your issue arrived yet?


  1. That has been happening here in PA as well! I'm so ready for spring...I know it's just around the corner and I need to be patient.

    I, too, received my last copy of Country Home...I am so sorry to see it go!

    Coffe cake looks yummy...have a piece for me, ok? ;)

  2. Please join me! We can browse thru our Country Home's together! Do you like cream in your coffee or just black?

    Lisa :)

  3. What's the recipe for that coffee cake? It looks so delicious.

  4. Marcia,
    I cheated! It is the boxed cinnamon bread/coffee cake. I do that on occasion, LOL. It was delicious! Thanks for stopping, hope to see you again!

    Lisa :)


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