Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Never Heard a Thing....

Friday the 13th, was just that for us! I went to take a shower in the a.m. and something told me to go to what we call the "backroom", upstairs in our home. It is a small area where our children, when they are home, can go and spend time with their friends watching TV or whatever friends do together. I opened the door to find water over a good portion of our original hardwood oak floors! They were in perfect condition...notice I said were! I am heartbroken! So, we did the only thing we could think of and that was to haul in as many garden pavers we could think of to try and weigh the floor boards hopes that it might tighten back up....please let this work!! We also brought up our basement de-humidifier and a fan and have ran it on the driest setting for well over 24 hours hopes that too would help! They are the point I don't know if they can be repaired! You see our home is....except for the laundry room, the kitchen (which did at one point), and the bathrooms....all original oak hardwood floors,well over 100 yrs old! What do you do? These things happen! I had to call my husband home from work and he found the problem....we believe, and fixed it....we hope! But the floors, probably not....

Today, Saturday....Valentine's Day we woke up and went downstairs to start our day. I let our dog outside and during the winter month's I go thru the garage. We had been broken into....
Our garage had been vandalized! Both doors were open and the backdoor to our backyard was also open. Our dog, if she barked, we did not hear her! We called the police and they came and said that a few places in our area had been vandalized last night as well. We only lost my husbands....most expensive....chainsaw! Other chainsaws were taken, from other home's, as well as a car stolen (not ours thank goodness)! Mind you, we live in a very small....everybody knows everybody sort of town. You feel safe to leave your home for a few hours and not lock your doors. Not anymore! After the police left, our phone rang....the one by the window seat(in a previous post)....I looked out the windows and notice that 2 of the screens had been bent out of the windows and were totally removed. Because it is the dead of winter here in Michigan, all of our windows are locked down and sealed up! You can see where they had tried to get the window to slide up and open to enter
Our Home!! Our Home!!
They did not remove the 3rd window screen in the wall of windows....they did however, try to break the door open. I am surprised and have Thanked the Lord, they were not successful! We have only barely spoken of what could have happened otherwise! MY purse sits on the window seat in front of the 2 windows they tried to open. The police said, that because of the way the economy has been sooo hard, on our town.... as well as many others, we have some very seedy people that have found their way here. There have been other break-ins that we only now learn of being in this position. We feel victimized! We feel our small town! Who has the right to do these things? The police say it's for drug money!
Tonight....there will be lights left on outside around our home....sorry neighbors! There will be doors locked and doubled locked! And for double safety and comfort....there will be a steel safety rod jammed under that now vulnerable door into my kitchen that stopped them last night!
This is Our Home!!!
Please....lock your doors tonight and be safe!


  1. Gosh, I am so sorry that the world has invaded your life! How sad that must be! I have only ever lived in a place where you have to lock your doors so I know nothing else...what a shame. Be safe!!

    M ^..^

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  3. Lisa...this is awful! I am so sorry you have had to go through all this the last two days! Do you have a security system? If not, I'd definitely check into having one installed. I saw a show on t.v. once where they interviewed some criminals and they rarely tried to break into homes with the signs out front saying they had an alarm that was being monitored by a company...they usually pick on the ones that don't appear to have alarm systems. I hope your floors can be saved. Susan

  4. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry to hear what happened to your home. I think Susan is right about the security system. If that is not possible, I think they even sell signs that advertise a security system. I wish you peace and safety in your home. I'm so sorry to hear about the wood floors too!

    Blessings and hugs,

  5. OOO, my goodness. Oh, yes, we DO lock our doors, even during the day. I just spent 4 days and nights with 4 grands out in the country. They have a WONDERFUL security system and I felt so safe, even tho it was just the kids and I. I want an alarm system for MY house, too. Maybe you shoud invest in one??
    Stay safe!
    xo bj

  6. Lisa, Oh my gosh! I hope you can salvage your floor boards. What a shame! Is there any way you can take the floor boards up and have someone "fix" them? Are there any companies who do that?

    We too, leave our doors unlocked...we usually lock up at night. During the day...they are always unlocked even it we go to town or even when we must travel into Dallas...doors unlocked! We of course, have FIVE dogs. Three little yappers that wouldn't really scare anyone off but Maggie our Boxer would go off on anyone who came in our house. Punkie, the Bulldog would run and hide! I tried to imagine how I would feel if someone broke into our garage or's a scarey feeling I don't know if I would ever feel completely safe again! I think leaving lights on is a good idea! A security system is a good idea, too. We had one in our home in Dallas but we never even considered it out here in the country where we have always felt so safe!

    Bless your heart! I hope you have a good week in spite of your bad experiences of last week.

    Hugs ~ Donna

  7. Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear about everything you went through this past weekend. I am glad to hear that you, your husband & doggy are safe. I only hope that your neighborhood law enforcement will keep an extra watched over your area.

  8. Oh Lisa...what a weekend you had! I am so sorry about your floors and the burglary. It makes me just so angry that some people think they can rob and steal from others. I am thankful you and your husband are ok. Be safe. Take care - Sonnie

  9. Oh my, Lisa, I am so sorry to hear about this! Thank goodness you are ok.

  10. I'm SO sorry to hear about your break-in. We had that happen to us in our little farmhouse. We were not home. They took my new laptop, my husband's air compressor,miscellaneous stuff. The things I grieved over the most were my mother's and grandmother's antique dishes and a giant flow blue soup tureen. It was sickening. I have cried many tears over the loss of those things.

    But Mom said that they are just "things" and we should be glad that's all it was. Thank God no one was hurt at your house! I know how you feel, and I know there are others out there that do, too. I'm afraid to say that it's only going to get worse with the economy the way it is!


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