Thursday, February 2, 2017

Before the Pretty, there's Ugly...

If you've stopped by to see what we're doing in our laundry room these pictures will tell a story of their own. Alot of work is going on and I'm not the best at this stage of the redo!
The pictures below are on the dark side, because we here in West Michigan have gone 22 days, until yesterday, without Sunshine! So forgive the dark and gloomy pictures, although they are probably appropriate for the state of this room right now.  As you may know, we decided to remove the drop ceiling in our laundry room and discovered upper cabinets that were hidden to this original built in!

Along with that a whole bunch of Ugly was uncovered!
My husband and I differed on how to approach most of this. All I'll say is he won and the room was drywalled, by my husband....not my favorite job. But the walls, original plaster, were in terrible shape. As is the ceiling!

Lots of holes, large holes....random holes!
Not to mention all the peeling paint and plaster. 

But, he loves to drywall... 
He may argue that point!

There was a hanging light between the 2 windows over the counter that used to be there. But we thought a light over each window would be better for what we have in mind. I'm excited to get to that point in the decorating!

I am also excited to get to the walls behind where the washer and dryer go and under the windows.
When we get to that point I will feel like progress is being made!

We also had different ideas of what should happen in this area. His idea won and will look great when he is finished...again, can't wait for that! This is where we believe the old cooking area was when this room was the kitchen, or so we think it was. There is an old huge odd shaped vent up there that is very cool, but useless for a laundry room. So it will get covered up again. 

Thank you for stopping by. These redo posts are not the prettiest of posts, but I'm also using my blog as a journal of sorts and keeping it real is part of this journey. I wanted to incorporate this old locker, but it doesn't look like there will be room for it....sad I know. Any ideas what I should do with that?

As always I am grateful for your visit and if you have time to let me know what you're up to I would love to hear. Hope your day is delightful!


  1. I can see that a lot has been accomplished. Pretty doesn't usually happen in the midst of these big jobs. Sometimes it is freeing to let someone else make the decisions, especially if he is doing the work!

  2. I am so excited to see what you're going to see the final reveal of your laundry must be beyond thrilled!

    So happy that you're bag blogging again, Lisa! I've been throwing the idea around to getting back to blogging but just haven't had the motivation to do it. I'm mostly on Instagram right now. Do you do Instagram? If you want to take a look at my account it's Again, it's good to have you back blogging.

  3. Wow, Lisa! This is a great project! I can't wait to see the final result. It's going to be worth the hard work! Thank you for sharing this with me. xoxo


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