Friday, January 4, 2013

Motivation Needed....

I have a couple of prior projects that were started and then put aside
from last year.  One project is almost done, I just need to finish a few
touch ups here and there.  The other project is a bit more labor intensive....

 I believe I mentioned it back when we started.
But in case I didn't I will just let it be and show it
at a later time when we are a bit further ahead.

 This "room" has been a thorn in my side since
day one of owning this Home.
What should we do with it?
Well, we have a plan so we will go with that for now.

This is what I need to tweak just a bit more
then I am done.  For the most part!
The dreaded stairway....
It looks so much better then it did with carpet,
but it took alot of work for my hubby.  After all
there has been alot of wear and tear of these old 
steps the last 140 years!  Seems the last owners
thought carpet was a good way to cover it all up.

What projects do you still have to finish up from last year?
So back to my post title....
~Motivation Needed~
Please leave me a little comment telling me what gets You
motivated to finish a project! I'd love to hear what works for you!

Thanks for the visits I do appreciate them!


  1. So we all have these nagging projects... You have some big ones with the stairs. Are you replacing treads or restoring them? The stairs in this house need to be rebuilt. Awful things and too steep. At least your beautiful stairway has potential!
    What room is it that has been a beast? Kitchen? Laundry? I have both of those issues, too. One thing is sure, if I get started, a thing eventually gets done. It is always the getting going.

  2. I have so many projects I want to accomplish before spring I try to get all inside work done while its cold out . Have a great weekend

  3. I'm still trying to get over 140 years.... wow. Imagine the memories.
    I don't have any motivation tips other than just blogging about projects in general helps keep me accountable.

  4. What motivates me is a warm, sunny day. And it's going to be April at least before we see one of those...

  5. Host a party! Thats usually what I do to get the mojo going to finish up the projects.

  6. Usually when we get guests from out of town. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  7. Time, money, and energy. There's never and end in sight when you own a home. It's never done because something always wears out, breaks or just needs repair. I can't imagine your list because of the age of your home. It sure is lovely, what you've done. The more homes Steve and I own, the more we say home ownership is waaayyyy overrated.


I would enjoy hearing from you!

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