Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's gonna be one of those days....

I've been kind of "behind" on my decorating this year.
Several reasons really. 
So many crazy things have happened this year. 
 But, we finally got the lights on the tree on Sunday. 
Oddly, we had several strands missing 
and had to go out and buy more. 
 I kind of think the tree is pretty with just the lights!

Standing in the kitchen talking with Mallory
before she heads off for school, we hear this 
delicate Swoosh....

 not a creature in sight....
to blame this on!

 It just fell!
It could be pretty, a tree decorated on the floor.
Okay, maybe not!

 My Angel landed on the couch....
She's been with us 24 yrs and watches
over us every year at Christmas time.

 Face down, but safe!

It is a tall tree....
just short of 11 ft. tall.
So, it will have to lay there until
the hubs gets Home.

Have you ever had this happen?
I'm thinking we might just want to wire it to the wall.
We've had to do that before.
At least it wasn't all decorated!

Hope your Tree is standing Tall....
and stays that way!
Have a Delightful day!


  1. Oh man, that is a pain! At least you have your tree up! All the house has been decorated for 2 weeks, but haven't put the tree up. It blocks the back door from the den that the adorable dog we wait a bit. However,
    I need to get it up!!! Have a good day walking around your tree instead of
    rockin' around it! lol

  2. Hmmm...guess that angel was flying too close to the ground. Hahahaha...cracking myself up. Yes, this has happened and it's a royal pain in the keister. My parents had it happen early in their marriage so the tree was always in the same corner with a big old wire extending from one window molding to the next. My mother disguised this cleverly with candy canes...hated the look. ☺ Yes, it is a very good thing your tree wasn't yet decorated. I hate to think what it might look like otherwise. All the best with getting it back to normal!

  3. Wow! I am glad it wasn't decorated. When I grew up we always had a tall tree and my parents wired it the the wall, then my Mom hung Christmas cards on the wire!

  4. Gorgeous tree even on the floor !!!! Have a great day

  5. I agree, the tree is pretty with just lights.. standing up that is. :O)

    My dad used to put an eyebolt in the wall and tie twine to it to keep our tree up.
    It never failed to fall over before he started doing that. Of course, he would have to
    patch it every year. Funny, I haven't thought of that in years.

  6. I'm sorry but you're right... at least the ornaments weren't on it. ~Amy

  7. Beautiful tree on the floor or standing up!

  8. Shoot and bagooties!
    Hope that the tree stays in the up-right position, for the rest of the holiday season.
    I think it would be nice to tack it with some twine to a wall.... at least that way, the angle won't go flying again.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy this Christmas season.


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