Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old Wicker, New Life....

I say old, not meaning antique, but probably 8 yrs...old. And not expensive wicker either, but a decent set for my needs. Last year I had it on our back deck, which gets the hot sun for most of the day. So it is weathered and not the cool chippy kind of weathered, but the chipped and flaked kind of weathered!

Although, that is kind of a shabby chic kind of look, I guess. I just grew tired of the white color!

So I purchased some spray paint, great for wicker, twice the coverage (so the can said). I chose the color Nutmeg, not too dark and not too light! The plant stand is in fact, old....antique kind of old....older then 8 yrs for sure! It was the cool kind of chipped, but....I still painted it and I like it better! Now I need to find some cool plants to put in it!

I like how these "whirligiggy" things fell on the seat of my settee! The pillows are new this year
from Kohl's and are a tad darker then the one on the left. I think they give my wicker a pop of color!

I got the lamp shade, which is wicker, from the thirft store the other day for $1.99. It is very sturdy! The lantern on the coffee table is from WalMart last year $10 and the shabby flower carrier is from an arrangement from my Mom's funeral flowers! The rug I bought years ago from Kmart and just tired of it in the house. Good enough for the porch!

This is just a view from my porch I thought I would share. My rhododendron is doing nicely this year and the little pink flowers in the lower corner are on a weigelia bush!
Thanks for stopping by today! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Ouuu I love the new look! Your porch is so inviting!

    I sprayed all my wicker from seafoam green to white last year! Who knows what color it will be next year!

    have a great weekend,
    Hugz, Dolly

  2. Your porch is warm and inviting!! I need to work on my front porch, it is quite long but not very wide, I love the wicker look. Love the color! Enjoy it!!


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