Monday, March 15, 2010

I Went To Hobby Lobby....

today and I got these 3 great buys!
I went in for some plate hangers....
to be blogged about later. But,
I couldn't leave without checking out the
90% off aisle....

~a plaque, a wall hook, and a lamp~

Yes, the lamp was marked down to $7.00!
I couldn't get it in my cart fast enough...
it already had a light bulb in it, lamp shade included and
it works!

~cute as a bunny wall hook~
.69 cents!

~and matching plaque~
I seriously couldn't pass these up!
The lamp will probably stay where it's at,
in my kitchen, by the door to the backyard
on the radiator. The wall hook, I'm thinking in the
guestroom I am re-doing, to be seen later when finished.
And not quite sure about the bunny plaque yet,
but I'm sure I will find a spot for it!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! What great buys you found. Good for you, the lamp is darling. Have a great evening, Dawn

  2. Great find. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here.

  3. You did good! Great deals.. don't ya just love that?!!

  4. That lamp is great! I need to find a Hobby Lobby!

  5. OMIGosh! You did NOT get that lamp for $7! How could anybody leave that behind long enough for a 90% markdown?! Simply shocking, but, lucky for you! I have been wanting a tea pot lamp for my dining room buffet FOREVER! I have even been looking for a silver pot to make one myself! I better not ever come to your house or that little lamp may disappear! ;)

  6. WHAT????? $7.00 for that beautiful lamp? I'm going to Hobby Lobby to see what's new on sale today! I'm sure I won't find this lamp, though:( Oh well, It's always fun to go there even if I don't always come out with bargains. Great finds!!
    Patricia :o)

  7. Oh man, you did so good! I have that same bunny toile plaque and it is in my laundry room. Can't believe you got that lamp for $7!

  8. Wow, that is awesome. I need to go to Hobby Lobby today.

  9. Oh my gosh they have a 90% off isle!
    We have a Hobby Lobby about 2and a half hours from us.....oh but its worth the ride if they have goodies like this!
    I want I want I want that lamp! :-)

    Lucky you...... I would have screamed when I saw the price! :-)

    Hugz, Dolly

    come visit

  10. Great deals. I hit the hobby lobby today and got waaaaaayyyyy more than I went in for. Dang that store for being so full of bargains and dang it for being a bit aways so I only hit it about once every two months so feel I have to buy a lot since it will be so long till I get back. :) But isn't it fun?

  11. Hi! Everything looks so wonderful...a great look and my compliments to a very smart shopper. Some people come home with a lot of bargins and they put things together that aren't perfect, but they will do because they are within the budget. You have accomplished both! Thanks for the view, Karen

  12. Hi Lisa
    That lamp sure was a deal! It is fabulous.


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