Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who Knew....

a $45.00 garage sale find
could provide this much winter entertainment....

~I think he secretly prays for snow~
Sorry for the blurry pic's the guy's in motion!

Awww, he's a good guy!
It's his stress reliever from work....
and life!
This is actually today's snow in Michigan!


  1. My hubby is getting ready to do the same thing! Wonder when we'll see some grass poking through? Dawn

  2. Hi Lisa! I just found your blog and love it! My hubby loves the snow, too and I'm sure he prays for it everytime it gets cold. Problem...we live in South Texas!
    Patricia :o)
    PS: We DID get some snow flakes yesterday, but it didn't stick. But it was fun!

  3. When we go to Maine in August, Sweet Husband jumps on the riding lawn mower and just has himself a party. Men love that sort of thing.
    I have lived in Riverside for...about 38 years now and nary a drop of has hailed at times! We get SO excited! :) You got a deal on that, is it a snow blower?

  4. He is a keeper! What a sweet guy. He knows what we all do, its the simple tasks of making a house a home that are so rewarding and memorable. Give him a big kiss! My husband is the same kind of guy and oh boy am I lucky and thankful!

    Susan and Bentley (the dog)

  5. Sounds like you got a great deal on such a fun toy! I'd love to have a snowblower if I lived somewhere where it snowed enough to use one!

  6. THis post made me lol. My dad is the same way. He really loves to hear a snowy forecast, he gets to get out his toy.

  7. Lisa, it looks like that was a pretty handy thing to buy at a garage sale. It is supposed to snow here again tonight. Never in my life have I seen it snow as many times as we have had ths year.


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