Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Garden Tour....

Welcome to a small part of my yard!
My husband and I enjoy working on our little corner piece of
property. We have tried over the last 8 1/2 years to bring back
a yard that once was owned by the president of our local
Garden Club
years ago, but had been left to turn into weeds.
Only a small portion was visible when we purchased our Home.
We were fortunate that there were lots of
tulip bulbs and daffodils that popped that first Spring when we
moved in. They sort of gave us an outline for what once was.
So I thought I would begin with a gazing ball
that I added as you enter into our backyard.

In the back corner of our lot, I have put
my newly acquired bird feeder that I purchased at
the Salvation Army for only $4.99. It is made of a
heavy green speckled metal, so far the birds love it
and the squirrels haven't been able to
get to the food.

Here is a bit of creeping phlox....this plant is easily moved
from place to place and divided in my yard.

I have really old, but beautiful lilacs that grow in our yard.
Thru the years, because they have not been pruned properly
they have grown quite woody, which makes it hard to make a
bouquet with them. But, we have been working on that and they
seem to be responding quite well! They smell wonderful!

Here are just a few of the tulips that are popping up in our yard.
Where we are located, we are a little behind in the growing season.
The small purple flowers you see is from the myrtle
that is growing around our yard. And the brownish stuff
you see in the back will be about a 12 foot ornamental grass
by the end of summer. It is quite prickely
to prune back, but adds wonderful privacy
from our "too close" neighbors!

And lastly, for now, a peek at a pot of pansies I purchased
weeks ago at my local market. They have not been bothered at all
by the cooler weather we have been getting....
including frost the last 2 nights! We are just getting to work
on our yard this year, so there is more to see in the future!
Thanks for stopping by and I would love
to hear about your gardens in your yard!


  1. Nice gazing ball ( I can see you ~ HA!) Great deal on that bird feeder. Love the flowers pics.. I am a huge fan of nature, check out my blog sometime for some of my nature pics.

    Have a great day!

  2. Wow~ your house came with lilacs and bulbs that bloom, awesome! Thanks for showing us what is going on in your garden...It is snowing here today, sigh...

  3. Your yard is really coming along! It looks lovely!


I would enjoy hearing from you!

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